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La Pente à neige is a non for profit that aims at diversifying the use of natural urban areas by creating a space for the community to gather and celebrate the winter season and most importantly, democratizing winter sports in an urban environment.

  • Mission : La Pente à neige aims at the appropriation of winter by local populations by giving outdoor spaces a cultural and economically viable vocation while promoting the implication of local communities.

  • Values : La Pente à neige wants to contribute to the creation of talents amongst the population during winter, promote the sustainable integration of healthy habits, and transform winter into a unique experience that brings health and social cohesion on an everyday basis.

  • Approach : La Pente à neige develops collective sports and recreation places accessible to all during winter. The economic benefits generated by its activities serve as investments in order to enhance its services and develop new initiatives.

The organization offers a large choice of winter activities for all ages and interests and is accessible by public transport! Within this logic, la Pente à neige has developed a financial aid program that provides a way for families with low income to enjoy the activities of the winter village. 

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