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FAQ - frequently asked questions

Are unaccompanied children allowed to participate in the activities ?

Children of 13 years old and less must be accompanied by an adult. 

Is it possible to slide for free in the park?

Yes, there are two free sliding area that are accessible to all. For safety reasons, skis, snowboards, and inflatable tubes are not recommended on these slopes, but you can bring your toboggan or crazy carpet and slide to your heart's desire!

What is the difference between the sliding area and the snow tubes for which you must buy a pass? 

The free sliding area is covered in snow at the beginning of the season but it is not maintained nor supervised. The snow tube area is arranged in sliding sections, is supervised and maintained to offer a thrilling and secure quality experience during the entire winter. 


Are the slopes accessible outside of opening hours?

The free sliding slope can be accessed at all times. For safety and maintenance reasons, the other slopes (ski and snow tubing) are closed outside of Pente à neige's opening hours. 


Are there any toilets on site?

Yes, toilets are accessible near the ticket office and at the park's chalet.

Where can we warm up when we are cold?

A heated yurt will provide you all the confort you need on site. With a reading space, family tables and board games, it is the ideal place to take a well deserved break!


What if we are hungry?

A service of hot beverages and food is offered on site.

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