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It is with surprise and concern that we announce to you today that Montreal’s South-West borough has decided not to renew the agreement which allowed Pente à Neige to offer an urban ski resort at the Ignace-Bourget Park.

The Southwest Borough has announced that a public consultation will be held on the future of the Ignace-Bourget Park without including Pente à Neige as an option, or even inviting the team to express their views on the issue.

We recognize the relevance of giving a voice to citizens in the democratic space, but we wish to offer the possibility to those who want the continuity of Pente à Neige to be heard.


How to support us?

You can for example:


Three years of devoted work

From the first day, our goal was to democratize winter sports and thus contribute, in our own way, to the well-being and physical and mental health of Montrealers.

The site has become a unique attraction in Montreal welcoming 100,000 visitors in three years. It is now the only urban ski resort accessible by metro in North America and the only winter event for the general public that lasts the entire cold season.


Booking or credit

Please note that for the moment, ski and snowboard lessons will not be canceled so that you can maintain your reservation at the time and day that you initially chose.

We are aware of your concern. We invite you to wait for the conclusions of our next steps before making a refund or cancellation request.


Rest assured that we will keep you informed of developments in this matter which is currently mobilizing our entire team. We want to allow you to ski or slide in Montreal this winter.


In the meantime, we will be happy to answer all your questions by email at

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