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Booking policy

  • Dates may changed without notice due to weather conditions. Snow accumulation or other conditions could make the use of the site not secure.

  • A class can be canceled if the minimum of participants is not met. 

  • The instructor assigned to a class can be changed without notice. 

  • You can register online on our platform

  • Subject to availability.

  • The discounts are not cumulative.

  • The 6-weeks lessons packages should be reserved 2 days ahead of the first course’s beginning.

  • Once lessons have started, reservations are no longer possible.

  • If you miss a class, it can't be taken back.

  • A valid credit card is required at the time of booking. Complete payment will be debited in order to guarantee the reservation.

  • You must present yourself at the Pente à Neige’s welcome desk at Ignace-Bourget Park 30 minutes ahead of the lesson in order to get dressed and be on time at the meeting point.

  • If an equipment rental is required, please present yourself at the rental desk 60 minutes before the lesson (for a lesson at 10AM present yourself at 9AM at the opening).

  • For responsibility reasons, you must provide a valid photo ID delivered by a government  (driving licence or passeport) when you pick up the equipment. The person who proceeded the reservation could pick up the equipment with showing the credit card used for the payment.

  • A parent or person in charge of the child must complete the registration form. A parent can fill only one form with all his children names in. One form required per season.


  • If you cannot show up for your appointment it is your responsibility to contact the customer service through

  • Ski and snowboard classes are refundable until 24 hours ahead of the first day of class. Non-refundable passed this delay.

  • Season passes and daily tickets are refundable or can be transferred to the next season free of charge if the request is made before December 15, 2020. Non-refundable or transferable after this period.

  • No-show at a lesson : no recovery of the lesson, no refund.

  • Late at a lesson : the lesson starts and ends at the time expected, no refund.


  • The sale of a lessons’ session is final, not transferable and non-refundable. Those are valid throughout the season for which they were bought and are not transferable to the next season if unused.

  • Nevertheless, in certain specific situations, a total or partial refund is possible. It will take the form of a gift-certificate and will be granted in case of a sickness or a wound which prevents the person to practice a winter sport. A certificate of the incapacity will be needed depicting the nature of the injury, the starting date and the lenght of the recovery.

  • The organization Pente à Neige reserves itself the right to cancel or interrupt lessons in particular due to force majeure. Force majeure includes closing of slopes and/or lift conveyor and dangerous weather conditions. In case of force majeure : the organization Pente à Neige will refund the sum of money you paid if the lesson cannot be postponed or delayed.

  • The organization Pente à Neige reserves itself the right to expel at any time a person  with a behavior which could perturb the lesson. In this case no refund can be claimed.

  • Helmet is mandatory for 12 years old and younger.

  • Children must be clean (no diappers).

  • Children of 13 years old and less must be accompanied in order to participate in the activities. 


  • For lessons with equipment rental, please come pick it up before each class and return it after the class.

  • Depending on the rented equipment, a guaranty deposit could be required. We will proceed with the guaranty deposit at the equipment’s pick up. This deposit is by credit only (no cash). It will be reimbursed on the same credit card after returning the equipment. If somebody else shows up or if a different card is used in order to get the refund back, we won’t be able to proceed with the refund. If applicable (damaged equipment, late return) additional fees could be charged separately.

  • If the equipment is not returned after the predetermined time, additional fees will be charged for every additional hour.

  • If the equipment is lost, stolen or incomplete, it will be charged for the full retail value.

  • A 200$ fee applies in case of damage by negligence.

  • If you do not return the equipment as mentioned in your contract, it will be charged as follows :

    • Child ski or snowboard : 300$

    • Ski or snowboard boots : 300$

    • Ski poles : 30$

    • Helmet : 75$

  • Rental refundable until 72 hours before the first predicted date of use. Non-refundable passed this delay.

  • No refund after the pick up of the equipment.

  • Please note that the rental material is used by various persons in the same day. Pente à Neige cannot guarantee that the equipment will be brand new or dry. 

Season pass and day pass cancellation policy 

  • Cold days tickets: this ticket type is available when the real (not felt) actual or forecasted temperature is -20 degrees or less. Booking is possible a maximum of 24hrs in advance. This ticket type is only valid for the day it is booked for.

  • Season passes and daily tickets are refundable or can be transferred to the next season free of charge if the request is made before December 15, 2020.

  • Season passes and daily tickets are valid during the season for which they were purchased. After December 15, they are non-refundable and cannot in any case be transferred to the next season if not used, except for medical reasons (see next point).

  • Credit in the form of a gift card : A credit in the form of a Pente à Neige gift card will be given out, in the case of a medical problem preventing you to ski. Include a medical certificate stating the date and nature of the injury as well as the length of recovery advised by the physician.

  • To make a request : To get your refund, notify our Customer Service in writing within 15 days after the injury. State the first and last name, the pass category, the email address (to receive the credit confirmation if approved) and explain the reason of the request. Include the requested medical certificate described above. Send your request by email at or in person at the Pente à Neige customer service.

  • Charges applicable : The credit value will be based on the number of days’ uses and a $10 fee plus taxes will apply.


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  • Additional information : Credits are subject  to Pente à Neige’s approval and we reserve the right to modify this policy at all times during the season.

**Note that we do reserve the right to change our opening hours and our rates at anytime.

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